Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Windy Wednesday

This is The pictures are loaded backwards. I went ahead of him and pulled off on a side road and waited for him to get there. He was in our newspaper The Spokesman Review a couple of weeks ago and has been ambling thru our part of the county. I caught up with him just west of Reardan. He did not stop and talk to me but that was OK. It was fun to watch him go. I hope he got to Davenport before dark. These are Suffolk drafts. No too many around. The one being led just plodded along. The horses are barefoot and have pulled that wagon from Montana to Massachusettes and back. His destination at the moment is SanFrancisco. I hope he can get over the passes without snow. Not Washington passes. They are getting hit. My camera ran out of battery. I may take a run to Davenport in the morning to take more pictures. It was fun.
Went to pick up my prescriptions today. This four all come due at once. One is on its own cycle. I about passed out when she told me what it would cost. I am in what they call the doughnut hole and Medicare does not pay until January l. I wanted to have hysterics but just cried. The poor pharmacist. Not his fault. Its not like I take them because I want to. Grrrrrrrr. He gave me a phone number and I will call it before I try to get December pills again. I don't want another stroke but thought I might drive myself to one today. Then I got a hold of myself and went to see the horses and wagon.
My story will continue tomorrow...........................................


  1. That's really neat!

    Awful about the prescriptions though. That happened to my father-in-law recently. I think they have to keep a secondary type of insurance because of it.

  2. It is just ridiculous what prescription drugs cost in this country. Shame on our drug companies. Vial companies in many respects because they only seem to care about the almighty $$. Now, if we as voting Americans would get our heads out of our collective asses and start voting for some changes that might actually help us, it would certainly be a blessing. But...your pictures of the wagon are really cool. I thought it was a gypsy wagon. Sure hope the guy changes his mind about SF and waits until winter gets over.

  3. Lea,
    My auntie Ray who lives in England was very concerned about your health situation and meds like I am. In England it's all taken care of and there are not worries about paying for meds, doctors or operations. My auntie Ray is 77 and like my parents, receives really good care. Last year she had her gall bladder out and it turned into a bigger deal than expected but it was totally free. I hope something changes here in the US because we can't go on like this. It's getting worse because of the greed. Thanks for taking the pictures. By the way if your ever down this way I'd like you to sign off on Echo for me. I don't want you having to make a special trip though.
    Take care of yourself.