Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday 11-20-09

Can hardly believe November is almost over. My goodness gracious. I have hardly started my Christmas shopping. I am making some things.

Today our son Steve came out with the deer he got the other day. A nice 4point. He cut it up today. Its a nice rack and I know he is proud of it. When Bob got a big one, I remember how excited he was. I took some pictures but I know some are offended by dead animal pictures so I won't post them.

I have been working on our Christmas letter today. Its not real long and I am including a bunch of pictures. Can't find a picture of Joel though. I need to put in another flash drive and see if I can find a small one.

Not much else going on around here. Bob trimmed Cody's feet today for Bonnie. He stood very well. She said he would be I am not sure he believed her. Tomorrow Wrangler is in line and I will be the one holding him. I must clean stalls too. I thought Katie was coming today but she stayed up half the night watching the vampire movie and had a math test early. She probably is recovering. None the less, the stalls are in dire need of cleaning.

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