Monday, November 9, 2009


This is why I was home bound today when I had an errand to run in Couer d'Alene. When Bob got home he used the compressor, pumped it up and made a dash for Les Schwab. There was a long nail in it. Where from? Who knows. Anyway I now have 4 brandnew tires so am all set. So, tomorrow I can run my errand and do the other things I wanted to do.

A pretty dismal day out. It started out sunny but got more grey by the hour. I layed around and read.

I went out to much stalls and do the chores. Ditto and Amelia went in right away and began chumping on their grain. But then there is the "wonder horse" Pepper. He decided to play tag with me. He found a bucket of apples and took a couple of bites. I popped him on the rear and told him to get in there and he whirled around and ran around the barn. I put the bucket away so he wouldn't have an excuse to stop but about 5 trips around the barn giving me "that" look. I was losing my patience. I mean LOSING my patience. Finally he just ambled around in the barn and into his stall. I wanted to pick up a club and hit him between the ears but of course I didn't, He just looked at me with those big eyes and I just sighed and told him he better not do that again.

How about posting every day between now and Thanksgiving something you are truely thankful for. Today I am thankful for being born in America.


  1. awe he just wanted to play tag with u! :) lol u can totally see him giving u "that look" lol i can just picture it now.. lol

  2. Isn't it amazing that as much as we moan and groan about how our government handles our affairs, we are still so grateful we were born in America! Me too!!

  3. I love hearing about Amelia and the Pepper episode is a visual :)

  4. I hate flat tires!! Sounds like Pepper is a lot of fun!

  5. It's always the little things you never think about--until you don't have them--like tires--washing machines, dishwashers, well pumps--things that keep the world going!

    I like the idea of being thankful each day for something, I'll do it.