Sunday, November 15, 2009


Our place since Friday evening. I guess I can't deny winter being upon us any longer.

I have been at a Washington State Horsemen convention since Friday morning. It was in the Spokane Valley so did not have to travel although it is easier to stay in the hotel. You can rest in between meetings ect. However, I survived as usual. Washington State Horsemen in the largest multi use horse organization in the United States. We have four main divisions and multiple lesser groups, we have a person in Olympia. It is a family organization. Something for the entire family. Lots of fun for everyone.

Then as soon as the convention our zone had their awards banquet. I was very tired but now its all done for another year. I have some responsibilities in the zone, horse show division. Bob who does not like horse shows at all went with me today and that was so nice. Most of us will be going our own ways from now until the first of the year. I do miss my horse show friends. I am thinking about trying a little gaming next year. Can you see fat Pepper ambling around barrels. Makes me laugh. They assure me no one would laugh but I would.

Today I am thankful for a year of success with WSH and for all the people who give their all for our horses and however we choose to use them.


  1. Gaming sounds like fun - you should give it a try next year!

  2. HA HA pepper knows barrels! i taught him how! lol that would be awesome! then we could do it together! You could practice with me!! yay!!

  3. WHat a pretty picture! It was cold here today, but no snow!

  4. Katie, at a walk? Nah. Abby is not a gaming horse either.