Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Snowy Sunday

Bob getting us ready to leave for church. This first real snow was pretty but it can quit now. Last winter we got, I think, 97". We didn't go much in our little car. The lower elevations got snow but by the time church was out it had pretty much turned to rain. Not here but that was OK.

I am having a sentimental day. On this day in 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated. Nikki was 5 months old.

6 years ago on Thanksgiving Day was the last time our whole family was together before Scott died the following February. Do you ever get over losing a child?

Next week would have been my special sister in law's birthday. She died about 25 years ago at 55 years old. I have missed her alot.

I remember Thanksgivings when I was a kid and the whole family came, we dressed up and it was a wonderful day. Now its hard to get everyone together. Even as a young family the Williams family ALL got together. Loved it.

Enough thinking back. I don't know why that is filling my thoughts today.


  1. I can't imagine you'd ever get over losing a child. That's an unparalleled loss. The holidays have their joy, but you can't help thinking who's NOT at the table. This year, for me, it's my oldest son--unless he surprises me and makes the drive over. But I doubt that he will. I hope you still have a wonderful Thanksgiving with whoever does show up to your home!!

  2. Nov 22 1963 I felt like our country lost it's innocence and trust. It's never been the same.

    I think of Scotty every day. I remember the photo of your family on that Thanksgiving.

    Back when we were kids I don't think everyone got so stressed out about who's where and whatever. Next year Brownie and I plan on having some sort of surgery or procedure done the week before both holidays and ruin them for everyone :) oh I think I did that already~

  3. That is an AWESOME photo of Bob there.

    Big hugs to you, my friend. Holidays can be filled with sorrow if we let them. But the choice is ours to be happy and filled with hope, so make that choice, okay?