Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Very Thankful Tuesday

This is not a recent picture but he is one of my thankful's today. A picture of him today was just too gory. I am so thankful that he is alive and just seems to have a headache. This morning when I went down to put the barn horses out, Tom and Christy were here - a second Thankful for today- and they were with me. I went around the corner of the barn and got a shock. I thought Christy would pass out. I wanted to throw up. Neither of us did and Tom went over to him and got ahold of his rope. Sometime this morning he had caught one of his beautiful horns that he never was bad with except when he bopped Amelia that once, and he tore it off. There was blood every where. Tom and I got him and I went and got some warm water and a clean rag and we tried to clean up his face so we could see if his eye on that side was OK. It was gross and awful. Shannon, who raises goats came down and said he would be OK. However when Bob got home this evening it was still bleeding. We coated it with pine tar and wrapped it up and covered it with duct tape. My poor pet, he keeps shaking his head and splattering blood all over. Since we moved out here 16 years ago I have had to do things and witness things that I never wanted to even know about. This is one of them. When he doesn't look so gross I will post a picture of my one horned poor goat. I am thankful Tom was here and could help me with him and I am thankful that Oliver survived today.

And......................I am thankful to feel well today. Am so relieved. It was an awful weekend. Bob is going to go back hunting this weekend and hopefully nothing bad will happen so he has to come home. I am greatful he was close enough to come. I could hardly get out of bed by myself. But today was a good feeling day.


  1. Lea, that is like my worst nightmare with my goats. I wish I had dehorned them when they were young!! Do you have any idea how it happened? My goats are always sticking their heads where they shouldn't.

  2. Poor poor Oliver. My cow Dandylyons knocked her horn covering off last winter and it bleed a bit out of the end. I found that upsetting so I can imagine your horror of seeing Oliver's lovely horn broken and all that blood. I hope he'll be OK.