Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vets are expensive

Today we took Pepper and Dixie to see the vet. Pepper because he is still lame and Dixie because I wanted her teeth checked. Well, Pepper has a pulled suspensory ligament and is on stall rest for 2 weeks with a gel cast on his leg. That is the picture. He needed to have his teeth done too.
Then it was Dixie's turn. First of all Jed said she is much closer to 20 than 15. That does not bother me, she is sound and a good trail horse. I like riding bigger horses but she is what I have and takes care of me on the trail. What more could I ask for. Her teeth were terrible. I looked in her mouth and was amazed. A good dental treatment and she should be a lot more comfortable. Maybe she will be able to gain some weight. I don't like her this thin.
Jed saw Sierra week before we went to Reno and when I told him how she was judged on condition, he was amazed. He thought she was perfect. Too bad he wasn't there to judge huh?
Bob and I both worked with Rusty today. She definitely is Bob's horse. Crutches and all. She is improving every day and when I fed this evening first I held out a handful of the hay and told her she had to come and get it. She did right out of my hand. She has done that for Bob but has all but thumbed her nose at me. But, tonight was the night for her to eat out of my hand. I gave her the rest of her hay and told her good girl. I was prepared to stand there all night. Its starting to be more fun to work with her.

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  1. They sure are expensive. Glad Pepper's going to heal okay, and that their teeth got done.

    I'm going to have a big vet bill soon too. Have to get Scout gelded, Bella's teeth and hips looked at, and Soxy's eye looked at. Maybe have Tonka's feet checked too. My sister thinks he has ringbone...