Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today I thought I would show you all of our other horses. Besides Rusty I mean. Rusty is doing wonderful. I got her to give to rope pressure and "lead" across her pen this evening. I can rub her back to her hip on the right but the left only to her shoulder before she thinks I am going to eat her. She is sweet. That is the best I have gotten from her however Bob has gotten her to do that without as much pressure as I needed to get her to respond. She is very sweet though and never a kick or bite. Just feet frozen in place.
The top picture is of Dixie in her stall for her supper. Not too good of a picture but its her never the less. Dixie is from Jackie's Butte and is about 20 years old. Still is full of energy and will go all day.
The next picture is of Pepper. Still on stall rest and Butte. Pepper is a Riddle Mt. Kiger and is 11 I think. He has an eye problem that continues to get more advanced but he is here for the rest of his life. He can go all day and anyone can ride him.
Ditto is my old Paint mare. She was the best horse ever to ride. I showed her western pleasure, Hunt seat and drove her. She does not like to drive. I won a lot on her. She is 27 this year and is retired. She ran a stick into the sole of her foot into her navicular bursa (sp?) and can only be ridden lightly. She loves retirement and sometimes I saddle her up and ride her just because I have to. She does not like men but loves me.
The very next picture is Wild Rose aka Rosie. She is a pinto pony - welsh/paint cross. She has done lead line classes, walk trot classes and is a champion driving pony. We won just about everything we could driving. She loves to pull anything we hitch behind her including a sleigh.
The burro's name is Yuma for the area he was gathered from. He is just a pet. He was my mothers day present about 8 years ago.He is a sweetie. He talks to us every time we go out the back door.
Liberty is the horse that the neighbors abandoned when they moved to Oregon. I don't know what HMA she is from from its CA some place. when we got her over here she was 9 and not handled. It has taken us a long time to get her really quiet. I think Tyler will ride her yet this weekend. they are really bonded with each other.
Raven is the next one in the line of pictures. She is 7. She was given to us by a lady (and I use that term loosely) who said she back bucked her off. I think she shied and she fell off but I wasn't there, just from experience since we have had her. She is from the Ravendale, CA HMA. She is a wonderful mare and loves being ridden. She has a little spook at first when you start down a trail but is sure footed and honest.
The quarter pony is Sequoia. He is for sale. We want $1,000 for him. He is about 20 and a wonderful kids pony. Our 6 year old granddaughter rides him by herself. He boarded here for about 6 years and then he girl outgrew him and we bought him. He needs a kid who will ride him often. He loves to go.
The last picture is of Abby getting ready for a show. Doesn't she look happy? LOL. Not. She is owned by Katie. Katie has come and helped with the horses and rode for several years. We gave her Abby a few months ago. She boards here. Abby is from the Sheepshead HMA in Oregon and really a true black.
So that is our lineup. When I talk about them you will know who I am talking about. Of course and Rusty.
When I got down to what I was so sad about yesterday- in the middle of the night I realized I missed (among others) Sierra. I miss her but what I miss is the going about and working with a yearling that I can make progress with. Rusty is Bob's but another horse is really not practical. BUT we did find out they are gathering in the Pryor's and they are gathering a lot of yearlings. So maybe - I would love one of those gorgeous grulla yearlings like we saw last year when we visited there.


  1. The horses all look great.

    Sorry I didn't call when I was up that way. I had such a hard time making plans and figuring out what time we were doing what, and how rushed we needed to be, that it didn't even occur to me to call. Now I really wish I had! That would have been fun. Laura still wants to give you a call and come hang out with you and the horses sometime. It think she will after school starts.

  2. What a great looking bunch! My daughter is in love with Pintos the color of yours.
    Maybe we could come out and see them?
    I am really sorry I haven't been in touch. There has been a lot of craziness going on. Starting with me getting my toe stomped and then falling trying to catch my naughty horse. Then there is always the kids chaos.