Monday, August 25, 2008

A rainy Monday

Isn't that the name of a song somewhere? Anyway, I need to win the lottery. Suppose you need to buy a ticket though. Drat. I need a new computer. Last night I was about to pitch it out the window. So hope tonight it doesn't start hiccuping and will upload my pictures and ultimately this blog.

My pictures today are of Bob petting and rubbing on Rusty. She was easier to get to relax when Bob worked with her than earlier when I did but we both got to rub her face and neck. She is getting easier to handle for sure. We picked her up a week ago today so I think we are doing OK.

The other picture is of our Pepper. Bob calls him his wonder horse. I call him a fat spoiled brat some of the time. He is a great horse. Our young friend Katie was taking him to the fair but now it is up in the air. He is quite lame on his right front. His ankle is swollen quite a bit. Katie is horrified and wants to know what happened to it but we don't know any more than her. He was fine yesterday. I gave him some butte and we put him in a stall. We will see what tomorrow brings. If he is not fine by Wednesday we will take him to the vet. Dixie needs to go too to have her teeth looked at.

\Before I forget it, our Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club meets on Friday evening of this week at Perkins Restaurant at Mission and Argonne just off I90, at 6:00 PM. We will be putting the last of the plans for our money maker trail ride on Sept 13th. at the Marie Creek Trail head just east of Couer D/Alene.

Got a real chuckle this evening at our neighbor. She told us she thought what on earth were we getting into buying a 25.00 horse that no one else wanted. She thought it would be big headed, skinny and who knows what. When she saw Rusty she was shocked. There are quite a group of three strike horses equally as nice I am sure.


  1. Rainy days and Monday's always get you down......... I think thats the words. Poor Pepper.

  2. That's really too bad about Pepper! I hope it's something that will resolve quickly.

    Ruby is absolutely beautiful! What are your plans for her? Are you keeping her?

  3. Lea, my kid's cousin--a young girl from Seattle--is very interested in mustangs and wants to talk to mustang people while she's here for a visit this week. Is there any way we could come out to your place on Wednesday and let her talk to you and see your mustangs? We wouldn't take up too much of your time. I'm taking the girls on a trailride at Riverside that morning (you can join us if you like)--so it would be afternoon before we could make it out. Let me know. :)


  4. Of course Linda. I will be here. Would love to meet you. Bob will have our horses at the vet and my horse included so I can't ride with you but you sure can come. My cell phone is 9949821. Call me and I will give you directions.

  5. Yes Andrea, I think we are keeping Rusty. She will be Peppers replacement because his eyes are getting worse.

  6. Hi Lea--that number didn't work--I got a woman, but it wasn't you. :(:(:( My daughter, Shiloh, and her cousin, Psyche, do still want to come out, but tomorrow would be their last day to be able to do it. I'll be out of town, but if it's okay with you they still want to come over by themselves. Psyche is from Seattle and wants to do her senior project on Mustangs. She has a lot of questions for you. My # is 509.385.4077--if you want to call me. Thanks!!!!!!!!