Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 8 to go was both scarey and great

I put Sierra in the arena this morning - she has been turned in there many times- to get some exercise before we had to leave for the vet. Before we left we had to move some just weaned calves to a pasture next door. Tyler had made a good aisle way with panels. Moving the young stock went well but Sierra wigged out pretty good with them running by the arena. She started running and bucking which was OK . However ---the arena is a 4' fence and big drive thru gate. She made a really really bad choice and thought she would jump the gate.

She isn't quite ready to clear 4' and got her front half over and then was stuck in the middle - half over, half not. Scared the bejeebers out of me. She just stood there on her tippy toes. I put a lead rope on the front half. Tyler dismantled the gate from under her. She just stood there quietly during the entire process. Then she walked away. I cried thru the entire process but it all turned out OK.

THEN I loaded her in the trailer for her first ride. I tied her in the first stall area and then worried all the way. However she stood like a trouper. When we got to the vet he asked me to unload her and she just stood there looking around. He examined her where she hung over the fence and said she might be a little stiff tomorrow but work her thru it. She let him draw blood and tried to take the paperwork right out of his hand. Jed McKinley is the best vet ever. He never minds working on our mustangs.

Sierra rode home the way she rode there. Such a great little horse.

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  1. That must have been so scary for you. She sounds so well behaved. Is she scared of meeting new people? Do you know what herd she came from?