Sunday, August 3, 2008

Single Digits - and music

Today was hard for me for some reason. My body was tired.

Sierra went out to eat a while and then came to me when I called her. Good girl! I took my elcheapo boom box, the CD and a LONG extension cord, and Sierra to the arena. My neighbors may bet really tired of hearing I will remember you, will you remember me? I don't have anything worked out but we did listen to it and try a few things. I do not have my heart set on needing it but do want to be prepared.

We worked on the usual things, backing, trotting, poles, the box, side passing = just the things we have been working on for a while. She was good and obedient and did not argue with me at all. Backing was great and so was the side passing from both sides. All the while Sara McLaughlin was singing loudly. Tomorrow, I will time it so I know 3 minutes.

Our neighbor Shannon came by and looked at her. Digressing a little, Shannon brought her big steer down. Cow-cow came walking beside her down the road with a red halter and lead rope on him. He was in a pasture and his pasture mates - horse and mules - came home. He broke the fence down and came home. He was lonesome. He is in with out cattle now. They seem to have accepted him just fine. Every evening he gets a gallon of goat milk as well as grain. When she came to feed him this evening she just called Cow-cow and waved a bucket so he could see it and he came trotting up to her. It was a riot. Anyway, that is why Shannon was here this morning. She took a look at Sierra and thought she was in top notch condition. She wasn't so appreciative about 6 weeks ago. Shannon does know horses (cows and goats too).

I should have gotten a picture of the pair walking down the road. Drat.

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