Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eek 7 to go.

It was soooooooooooo hot today. Over 100 at our place. I took Bob to the doctor today hoping for a walking cast. He took the splint off and his foot swelled up huge. Don't know why. He had an xray and we will know tomorrow what from here. If its healing OK, he won't have a cast and will just be able to put a little weight on it. I guess its a waiting evening.

We have not had any rain for about 6 weeks and of course this is the weekend of our yard sale/fund raiser and its supposed to be cloudy, hot, dry lightening and perhaps some rain. We have it all ready to put out tomorrow. Have 2 grandchildren here helping. They are 12/14. Will be a lot of help. Our 9 year old grandson from Marysville will be here tomorrow too. Happy days, and 3 other cousins - all that and a yard sale, putting the finishing touches on Sierra and trying to retain my sanity.

Sierra is a little sore today and I found some scrapes but she cooperated with everything we did. It is hard for me to run and trot with her and it was so bloody hot that we only did it once. I am really getting knotted up over this. Can I do it, will my knee collapse in the middle, will I embarrass myself, will Sierra blow up, will my nerves affect her so she doesn't understand what I want and the list goes on.