Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No pictures today. Sorry. Pepper still has a swollen leg so he and Dixie will go to the vet tomorrow. He is not limping so bad though.

Rusty got caught much easier today. She really is not very responsive to me. Would as soon run over me if she though she get away with it but she likes Bob a lot.But then, so do I so I guess its OK. She followed Bob to the gate tonight after he petted and loved on her. She threw herself back every time I touched her today. Better on the right than the left but Bob did and she just stood there.

We went up to Fruitland today to see some friends. I am always amazed at Muriels garden. For lunch we had corn on the cob fresh picked, green beans from her garden, sliced tomatoes picked this morning. And some sausage links and for dessert blackberry pie from berries her husband picked yesterday. I thought I would pop it was all so good. Every year I want a garden but alas another year of not. I was too busy this spring anyway with Sierra but every time we go there and eat like that I think I wanted one.

Not a lot of horsey news today. And tomorrow it is supposed to rain. I hope the wheat farmers have their grain harvested.

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  1. I do the same thing every year, wishing I had started a garden. Spring always seems to be way too busy for some reason. Your friend's garden sounds wonderful!

    My brother-in-law is a farmer and they're having a heck of a harvest. The wheat can't get dry and some of the barley and lentils are still green! He said once they harvested all through September. I'm wondering if this will be another year like that. I just hope the grains don't sprout.