Sunday, August 10, 2008

One day left, l, ONE, Uno

Our garage sale ended today and we did awesome and got rid of a lot of stuff, tack, farm equipment, clothes, etc. What was left we boxed up and a lot of it will go to the Salvation Army when we get back. Anything western, left over tack etc. got boxed up to store until next March when the tack swap is. Our granddaughter helped us and she made a little spending money and we got to play with Liliana, our great granddaughter.

The airshow also concluded today. I love watching the airplanes flying in precision. Don't want to do it just like watching. Got some nice pictures. The Blue Angels were the planes this year.

I put Sierra out in her little pasture this morning and she began to tear around like a crazy horse. That is what she was doing when she jumped the gate. I called her and she came to me and I put her in the round pen and she loped and trotted for a long time before she began to listen to me. We just kept at it. She did whatever I asked her minus halter/lead so I put her back out and she went to eating. So I thought it was a good thing to have done. Later she and I worked with the music and obstacles. She did pretty well. I will give her a good work out tomorrow and then Tuesday we are off. Whew. Can't believe it.

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