Thursday, August 21, 2008


I received pictures of Sierra at her new home in Nevada. She looks happy and is doing well. She has another yearling filly to play with. Made me feel good to see though.

So on to Rusty. She is a 3 year old filly from Beauty's Butte. She has been at the corrals in Burns for about a year. She was a 3 strikes horse so we bought her outright. Bob fell in love with her at Pasco but did not adopt her and then she did not get adopted in Albany and that was her third strike. I guess she was here in Spokane but we were not there so I did not know that.

Bob has been doing a lot of sitting in her corral. He can do that on crutches. She ate her dinner out of his lap this evening and he touched her nose. I had the bamboo pole all over her today too. I took ahold of the rope but she said nope. So back to the pole. She has a good mind I just know.

Bob wants to be able to do more with her so bad. He goes back to the doctor in about 10 days. He wants to walk so bad. Even a cane would be better. Then he will do more with her. I will too though. I have more confidence now.
I never said I was very computer smart and uploaded the same picture twice. Will do better tomorrow.


  1. Your filly is from Wildairo's and Echo's herd. I think they were all captured at the same time. I've had Echo two weeks now. Before his halter came off he let me pull him to me easy with the drag rope but he's pretty scared of the pole still. Now he lets me stroke his face all the way up to above his eyes, so we're making progress.
    I know how Bob feels about those crutches!
    Can you post a picure of Sierra at her new home?

  2. Sure Arlene, I will post it tomorrow. Rusty was gathered in August of 07. Ramona said because of lack of water. I hope to get to Davenport tomorrow too. Will look for you if we do.

  3. Mom do you think they changed her name?