Thursday, August 7, 2008

Five to go.

My stomach is in knots.

Got everything out for the yard sale which starts in the morning. Spent part of the day watching the Blue Angels practice for the airshow Sat. and Sunday. Fortunately we live close to the base and they go right over our house, very low and sometimes upside down. Hope my pictures turn out good. And am hoping our weather holds but it can cool down some. It was about a hundred again today.

With all the going on around here, Sierra did not have to do too much today. She backed some and trotted some and led around the midst of all the stuff. I had to make special plans to arrive in Reno on Wednesday instead of first thing Thursday morning. That just would not work for us. I think we are coming the farthest. I think Cindy and I have it figured out OK. A lot of thinking there huh? My brain is about worn out. And tomorrow morning 3 more grandchildren arrive. They will all be here till Sat. And the yard sale, and get the trailer ready and on.

I think maybe its all a good thing, then I wont be tempted to sit around and worry about it.

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