Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pepper is bored

Pepper does not like stall rest. He wants OUT. Katie cleaned his stall and walked him around the barn once. He is cranky. And he does not like Butte and does not intend to take it much longer. It takes a strong hitching rail , a strong lead rope and a persistent person. That's me. He gets 2 grams or whatever each night for 2 more and then 4 days of one. I think that when he is over this, we will put splint boots on him fastened up good to give him a little extra support for a while. Maybe whenever he is ridden.

Bad me, I forgot to put Dixie in today. I must tomorrow to get her extra boost for her weight. She let me know I had forgotten but did not want her in the stall all night so I just told her sorry.

And then there is Rusty of course. Bob walked in and petted her face and neck without picking up her rope. Not for me though. I have to pick up the rope first. She is so cute.

No pictures again, I am sorry.


  1. Hey Lea. A little trick that helps with the buting is to take a syringe and put apple sauce or some other tasty treat in it, and spend some time "dosing" him with that, and then pretty soon he won't even hardly notice. Once he realizes it's that, he should stop fighting it so much, then give him some of that, then the bute, then that again a few times. he'll forget you gave him the bute.

  2. Poor Pepper! I would be grumpy too. Glad he gets to get out at least a little bit.

    I've found that if I add pancake syrup in the syringe with the bute they don't bat an eyelash at being medicated. I've had a couple horses I don't even have to halter, I just stand at the gate and stick it in their mouth and they love it.

  3. Its the white tube, wormer is the same thing. All you have to do is walk up to him with a white tube.