Sunday, August 24, 2008


Am going to try again. Something went wrong and it would not publish nor would it upload my pictures.

So, yesterday we went to the Lincoln County Fair at Davenport and watched Dusty Roll pull on a demo with his EMM horse Telford. He is doing a great job and has about 3 more weeks until they are off to Ft. Worth. I sure do wish him luck and a safe journey. I am going to try to add pictures. Also at the fair we met Arlene who has Wildairo and Echo. That was so much fun.

Also, I will try to upload some pictures with our grandson Tyler and Liberty. Libby was left in our care by our neighbors who moved to Wyoming. They adopted her when she was 2 and just turned her out. She is 10 now. Tyler has been working with her for about a year and I think this is the week that he will get on her. He loves her. And she loves him.
Am going to include a picture of Sierra in her new home. Haven't received any others yet.

No pictures today of Rusty but Bob rubbed all over her face. She wasn't sure of it but stood there and let him, sort of. And, I rode Dixie for a while. My knee hurt so I did not ride long but wanted to ride for a bit. I had never rode her in the arena and wanted to see what she did. I did find out what she would do - nothing. Just did the trail items in there and went on about her business. I tried a mechanical hackamore on her today. That worked better. I do think we need to get her to the vet and have her teeth done. She is too thin for what she has to eat.

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