Friday, August 1, 2008

30 to 40 mph winds - 11 to go

Did not think it was too wise to try to do too much with Sierra today. It was an ugly day, no rain, just clouds that looked like rain and WIND. Of course the West Plains is notorious for its wind.

I did put her out in her little pasture after her breakfast this AM. About 4 I decided to go get her and see what we could do in the round pen. It is sheltered a little. I set her off to trot over the poles and she set out in a gallop and didn't stop for quite a while. After she came down to a trot I told her whoa. Know what she did = nothing kept right on going so we changed directions for a while and tried it again, still no response. That went on for 45 minutes, whoa, change directions and off again. Finally she came down to a walk and she looked at me for the first time and said OH is that what you want and came right up to me. I wanted to bop her but instead petted and hugged her and told her good girl. We did some side passing. Some good, some not so good, yielded her hind quarters on both sides, gave me her shoulders and we called it quits.

I do have a CD player now - the cheapest Walmart has - and will start practicing with the music. I won't need it unless I am in the top 3 or 5. Have read both, and I just can't wrap my brain around finishing that high no matter how much we have practiced. Keep thinking I must have missed something.

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