Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wunerful wunerful

Sage and I had an hour ride again today. After the fight with her yesterday to keep her moving today was a thousand times better. She just moved out and did what I asked her albeit in slow gear but she did it.
Katie on Raven. She came over and rode in the arena with me again today. Raven appreciated it and Katie was a big help these last two days.

Sage was content to walk behind Raven, or in front of her or beside her. I was so happy to have a relaxed ride. When we finished riding in the arena we rode out and rode around the house. Sage was a little more intimidated but she really walked fine. She snorted at a couple of things and was a little tense but did not misbehave at all. I hope I can ride in the morning again.

H is for Happy

Today I am particularly happy with my horse, with the warm day and life in general. I am a happy person for the most part. Have my bad days but they don't hang around long particularly if the sun shines. I really don't handle grey days one after the other very well.

I did have another brag about Sage moment. Katie put Ditto back for me when we were done riding but didn't get the gate fastened securely. I walked out the back door and met Ditto face to face. She was eating in the back yard. I looked for Sage and she was standing at the open gate waiting for me to come get her. Bob said it had been open about an hour. I went down and put a lead rope on and let her come out and eat grass for a while. She is an awesome horse.

Comments - Surprise



  1. Haha! Oops!! Sorry! Glad she was so good and waited tho!

  2. I 'get' your blog title. LOL I feel the same as you on the grey days. Sunshine is a definite feel good antidote. That is so great that the horses just stayed right there after coming thru the open gate!