Thursday, April 26, 2012


This picture of Sage was just before I got on her to ride. I had lunged her some. I don't think I would need to but I still do, just in case she would get a funny idea.

Last night I worked for an hour trying to get these loaded but since the weather was so dreadful I blamed it on that and turned the computer off. Still had a little problem this morning but finally got it to work. It just kept leaving the scene and when it popped back up no pictures to behold. So now if I get this written and posted I will have accomplished a great deal.
Me riding

She is used to the cones OK and turns and weaves around them just fine.

Bob worked with Emma again yesterday. She has had the entire winter off but he made some progress with her. Still her head is the biggest issue. She will NOT let you touch it.

But he could touch her legs. He may get to do her feet yet without ever having touched her head.

It is pouring rain today and occasional rumbles of thunder in the distance. So needless to say, I won't be riding today. Drat.

Cindy got her rug and said she liked it. That makes me feel good.

This evening is our Mustang Club meeting at Denny's. Hope you will all be there.


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  1. Nice photos of you and Sage. Got alot of rain in our day here yesterday as well. The river is really rising fast, too. Looks like we have a clear one though for today.
    My kitty likes the rug, too. I've gone into the bedroom a couple of times and found it flipped around. I think she likes to 'play' in it. LOL
    Thanks again!