Friday, April 20, 2012


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Bob is off hauling a very sick horse to the clinic for Dr. Peters and McKinley. He is on their on call list to haul horses when needed. I hope the horse is OK. Dr. Peters has been with her most of the afternoon.

A beautiful afternoon. I helped Bob put in a gate to where Sage Ditto and Ezra are. There is a gate but its clear on the other side and this will be way more convenient. We will put up another gate tomorrow so Raspberry has a run too. She can be out when we are out but she wanders when we aren't and I know she will eat my flowers.

Yesterday my sister and I were looking up some genealogy on line. She belongs to and we traced our family tree back to King Henry 11 of England in 1183. I think royalty got lost between then and now. I am looking for a birth certificate for my dad. The first thing we could find was a census in 19l0 when he was 5.



  1. I was wondering where he was all day... i couldnt remember him saying he had anything planned

  2. Could be your dad never had a certificate? If he was born in the "wild west", there would be no one to record his birth or whatever.

    1. Sister here :) he wasn't born in the "wild" west but in Sumner Wa in 1904 or 05 but the circumstances of his birth are a little blurry. I've been trying for 10 years to find his BC and get the run around from WA. My niece is going to see what she can do, I live to far away.

  3. So nice of Bob to put himself on a list to haul sick horses. He must be as devoted to them as you are. You make a fantastic pair since you have so many ideals in common. Nothing better than to be best friends as well in a marriage. Wow, that's some background you found out about your family line!