Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looking Back

These are all pictures I took either at the adoption or out in the South Steens. It was the year I got Sage.

These are South Steens beauties. Tracey or Deb or Maggie can probably tell us who they are.
It was so fun to see the horses. It always is. I get so excited every time.

In the corrals

Nice little horse.

Love this picture.

Today we loaded up 5 horses in our 4 horse trailer and went to our Tune Up Clinic over at Red Top Stables near Post Falls. They all got their Coggin's, Health Certificates, and their shots including West Nile. Now I just have to get a Brand Inspection done on Sage and we are ready to go. Anywhere that's where I want to go. Sage did well. She did not like the blood draw but I don't either so I did not blame her.

We came home and both took good naps until Katie called and woke me up and then called Bob and woke him up. Bless her heart. Bob went back to sleep and slept a long time more. It felt good for both of us. We had to leave here about 7 so it was an early day.


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