Thursday, April 12, 2012

It doesn't pay toblog when sleepy

Sorry for the mess I left. I was for indulgent with my grandchildren. Why not indulge them.

I was falling asleep last night and didn't realize it. Gosh what a mess.

Sage went for a ride in the trailer for the first time and we introduced her to Wrangler and then Raven that she will be traveling with tomorrow.

My Goat was sick because she got out in the night and helped herself to oats, senior feed and horse treats. I didn't feel too bad for her. Don't know how she is this morning. Sorry. Just pretend I was writing in Greek. LOL


  1. Yeah, that was a funny post! I figured something must have gone wrong. Sage is sounding awesome--Greek or not.

  2. Funny post for sure! Did you have your keyboard imprinted on your forehead this morning? LOL You must have been way tired to doze off without realizing it. I'm sure everyone can relate to having done that as well. Have a wunnerful time camping this weekend. Hugs!

  3. Giggle! Glad all is okay. Sage is just coming right along. Yes, grandchildren are fun but exhausting.