Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter With Family

Here I am on Easter morning before church.
Cousins having a good time together

Bob and our oldest Steve

The cake I made. We ate about half of it and we went outdoors when the kids all left and when we came in it was gone and the little dogs had cake remnants all over their faces. They did not eat the strawberries though. They both got spanked. Skeeter came and hid under our bed, Pistol got out the door and ran to Katie's. She brought her home. Bad puppies.

Raspberry waiting for the kids to come play.

Tom and his family.

I drove the 4 wheeler with hay on its trailer to feed the cows and the babies came on the run too. They are such a cute group

Kitty looking over the edge. He had been looking through a knot hole but when I put the camera to take his picture he peeked over the edge.

We had a marvelous afternoon. Always fun when the kids come out and get along and have fun too.

Remember the comment surprise.

G is for GABBY. I love to chatter with my friends.



  1. I think that was so cute she came o ver here to pout cuz she knew she would get "in trouble" over here. Its like a little kid who runs away to a friends cuz they just got punished. Lol

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Great memories for all the cousins to remember throughout their lives. :)

    I can just picture the dogs after they got into the cake. Naughty!

    Raspberry is so cute, what a neat little friend to have waiting on your porch.

  3. Bad dogs! What a great family day Lea - I love days like that. blessings, marlene

  4. You look very pretty in your nice dress for church, Lea!
    Wow, the doggies ate the cake? How the heck did they get up there (table) to get at it? Have you ever had them do that before? Love that goat...I'd have a 'farm' if Norm didn't mind but he does....I'm lucky we have 1 dog and 1 cat. That's as far as he will go for animals. LOL

  5. Lea, you look beautiful! Sounds like you had a very nice Easter spent with your family. How wonderful. I sure miss spending time with family, but we had a nice weekend anyway. The weather was gorgeous!!! 70 degrees and beautiful sunshine both days. I baked a ham, mashed taters, grilled asparagus, deviled eggs and boysenberry pie for dessert. Yummy!! We got a lot of yard work done, and did a little planting and even spent time with the horses. I had to chuckle over the missing cake...can you blame them?? It looked delicious! :) We too, had a few deviled eggs come up missing...Annie and Ruby are denying any wrongdoing and so far sticking to their stories. Dang dogs!!