Friday, April 20, 2012

L Is For.........................

L is for Lea

Its just who I am. On the short side, a little overweight, white hair (it started when I was 19), loving my husband of almost 55 years, get my feelings hurt easily, am crazy about horses, particularly wild ones and more particularly one named Sage. I dislike cooking, I love to crotchet, I love to read. I am a Christian and I love upbeat worship music. Really can't be too loud for me. My favorite vacation ever was a week spent in Key West, Florida with my sister.

I have one sister who lives in Normandy, Tennessee that I miss so much sometimes it makes me cry. She has a daughter named Tina who has two boys, a son named Daniel who has l son and a daughter who has l daughter, my special grandniece who loves horses like I do named Caroline.

I have besides my best friend and husband Bob, A son named Steven and his wife named Debbie, a son named Scott who lived in heaven with Jesus, a daughter named Nikki and her husband named Carmen, A daughter named Coreen who lives in heaven with Scott, A daughter named Christyn and her SO Wendy, and a son named Tom and his wife Christy. They have given us l7 grandchildren and 7 greats.

So that is what L is for




  1. Wow. Family reunions would be wild with that lot! Have you all ever come together in one place at one time? (Sorry for your losses...they will be waiting for you one day)

  2. You and I have something in common, Lea. I, too, have white hair and mine started in my senior year of high school. For years and years I have dyed it. Been blond (only once-yuk), light brown, dark brown, auburn. Just the last 3 months, I have finally decided to NOT dye it. I'd only allowed it to go natural once before now, and at that time it was like silver. Now its white. I figure now I'm getting used to it and decided I like it...until I don't. Still have 2 boxes of color left in a drawer. LOL

  3. This is a great post Lea. I didn't realize you had lost two children - my heart hurts for you. As you know from my picture my hair is white too and the first one I noticed was when I was 18. :( blessings, marlene