Monday, April 23, 2012

Computer Disruption = darn

Yesterday I went to put my blog up and could not get to the Internet. I think I had something to do with Blogger but Cameron came over and did what he could.

I worked with Sage yesterday but didn't get to ride because I can't get to my saddle in the horse trailer. Bob needs to get the tack room unloaded. There are bales of hay in the way. Maybe today. I introduced her to road cones yesterday. She thought they were spooky but finally got her close and actually backed her in a circle around one.

Yesterday was out hottest day and it was hard for us. But I loved it.

At 5 PM our time (PDT) I will draw a number for the prize.

Thanks for you patience, and blessings.


  1. I was wondering what happened. Sometimes 'sunspots' are what will cause a disruption in our satelitte Wild Blue internet. And sometimes ya gotta just unplug the modem for a few minutes (electrical bog down) so it can reset itself. If you have a router, do that one, too. Then use the red reset button for it then plug everything back up. I think this probably already happened to you, but it will again!
    Yessiree! We had a warm one yesterday, too. Glad you had Sage out for a while!

  2. Ooh, I can't wait to see what the prize is. Even if I don't win. :)

    This heat is sure hard to deal with. I'm not used to it at all yet. I've turned into a slug, hiding in the house doing nothing.

    Bob better get that tack room cleaned out for you! Bummer you didn't get to ride but sounds like you made some good progress with the cones.