Monday, April 16, 2012

2nd. Day of Pictures

Towle Falls on Rock Creek. It does look more like a river this time of the year.

The second place the falls come over. It is so beautiful.

Another view

A third place water spills over the rocks.

And Sage eating along side Wrangler. It was a good place to have a rest and a snack. Sage did really well and was just ponied that day. I would have had a better ride on her. Raven was a tough ride. She gave me a run for my money. Not bucking, just wanting to be first or wanting to jug along. My arms got really tired.

Sage was wonderful all but one moment. Something spooked her and I was in front of her. She tried to miss me, but didn't and knocked me head over tea kettle into a dry ditch. Hit my head pretty hard but it was soft dirt. Knocked me a little coocoo for a moment but got back up and rode Raven back. My head ached for about half an hour and that was all. She felt bad and came back to me. She would never delibertly hurt me. There were some hikers that I think scared her. I am fine, no one worry.

We had a really good turn out for the ride. I was so sorry Marilyn and Dave could not make it but there was Laura, Alexa and Taylor, Andrea and her sister Amy and their kids, Mary and her SO Pat, Bea came down and hiked and camped with us. She can't ride yet since her hip replacement. Then of course Bob and I. John, Andrea's husband came down on Saturday to spend the day, and Andrea and Amy's step dad came down to hike. He is preparing to hike Mt. Rainer. We had a good potluck and everyone ate until we were stuffed. How fun? It was great.

One week from today you will know who wins my surprise. Keep up the commenting. Thank you so much.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I thought you were riding Sage..but now I remember you did pony her. What a great experience for her!!! You'll be riding her out there soon, I'm sure.

  2. I love waterfall pictures. In person beats pictures but thanks for sharing. The landscape is sparse but it sounds like the group had a wonderful time. Glad Sage didn't cause you too much of a problem. Good for 1st time out!