Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Donkey Day

Yuma getting his feet trimmed up. Chemmy did too. That is really hard on Bob's back working on the short legged guys.

Yuma was not too thrilled about it.

We are in the light pattern for Fairchild and this guy kept going over and around and over again.

Funnel clouds in the area but nothing touched down. I don't even like the sound of that.

Keep up the commenting. Love hearing from you all. To you who have asked, Sage is not going any where. She is a gift from God to me.

K is for Kind
I hope that is me. I want to be kind to everyone. I try.



  1. Quote from the Prayer of Jabez--"cause no pain". I try. Sometimes being kind means going against what the heart says. Blessings to you. I love that you are keeping Sage...she seems so gentle and...kind. I have a gelding like that. He is nineteen and will be buried here when that time comes.

  2. Funnel clouds....scary. I don't think of us in WA being tornado prone, but once in a while I hear of one. Since we are going to be traveling thru areas we might see some possibilities of those it kind of gives me concerns.
    Wonder if Bob could think of a way to get the donkeys 'elevated' to do their hoof trimming. Do you think they'd go for that?

  3. Hmmm.. i have never even heard of sage going anywhere. You would have a heart attack if she did! And we cant have that!