Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rainy Days and the letter N

is for NICKLES
I had a hard time figuring out an N word today for some reason.
Church was awesome today. We had a special speaker - Wayne Cordeiro- who is pastor of the fastest growing church in the US in Honolulu. They have 5 services. We enjoyed him a lot. He is going to be the chancellor of Eugene Bible College.
It poured down rain all day. Despite the rain, Bob caught Rusty and put her in the horse trailer a couple of times. She did very well. While he did that out in the rain, I was going to watch the last of the Daytona NASCAR race but I went to sleep. I woke up for the winner to cross the finish line. I guess that is all that is really important. I sure needed that nap I think.
So today was a lazy Valentines Day. Bob took me to dinner last night and made me dinner this evening. Am glad he didn't want to go out. I was too sleepy.
Hope your day was all you hoped for.


  1. Sounds like a great relaxing day. Other than the rain. Yuck. We have some real slick mud tonight.

    Rusty is really coming along!

  2. Hi Lea,
    You must have been sleepy if you slept through the car race! :)
    Bob makes dinner? Ooooooo, that would be nice! My hubby doesn't cook.