Friday, February 26, 2010


I was just too tired to write last night. Worked horses all afternoon and then went to our Mustang Club meeting. We are planning Mustang Days in June. I will have a lot more details in the weeks to come. When we left there we went and got me a new printer for my computer. My only problem is that I can not get it hooked up. I am not electronically minded and stuff does not make sense to me. Maybe tomorrow.
The above picture is a 27 year old mare that coliced in the pens. The wranglers gathered her up and they gave her a shot of banamine. I think I talked about her in an earlier post. I had no idea she was that old.

Another picture of Sage eating. She kind of stayed in the middle of the group. She seemed to get along with all of them. I sure do hope that is a good sign.

All the pretty rears walking away. That is not Sage. Her tail is black. Looks like a group of mommy's to be in my eye anyway.

Unusual markings. I thought it kind of looked like and English saddle.

This is the same two from Wednesdays post. Still talking. "See that lady over there? She is still taking out picture." I think the brown/white was adopted.

On the grade down into Madras, Oregon. We had just come across the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

Just outside of Bend is a farm that says Buffalo but what we saw was this pen of Yaks. Aren't they interesting looking. There also was a sign that said free rocks. Make us giggle.
I worked Rusty today. She was stubborn, threw a tantrum and cut her own leg, but ultimately did get into the trailer for me. I tied her in, shut the back door and left her for a while. The rain pinging on the top made her a little nervous but she just stood there. I had worked her in the round pen and when she heard the rocks in the plastic jug she threw an absolute bucking tantrum. She would not do that for Bob. I just wish he had more time to work with her. He only worked two days this week so maybe he will this next week. She is a good girl most of the time but is the spookiest thing. Time and patience I guess.


  1. I think if you follow the quick start instructions with your printer, it should install itself. you just have to plug it in the right place with the right plug. also you may need to uninstall your old one.. that shouldn't matter but you could try:) Dr. Do would have had the 27 year old mare!