Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday and two sweet DIL's

One and Other
These are my two DIL's. They both are sweet and kind. Very different personalities but both are a great part of out family.

One is Christy. She and Tom live in Spokane and are the parents of Ryan, Seth and Sheya.

The Other is Debbie. She and Steve live in the Spokane Valley. She brought two of our grandchildren into their marriage. Art and Deanna are adults. Deanna has two boys who are Steve and Debbie's pride and joy.

A grey day but it did not rain. I went to the cattle auction with a neighbor. Some Bob says I should have bought but didn't buy anything. The only thing I was tempted to buy was a cute little silver dapple pony. Horses have been going for 10.00 bucks or so and I would have bought her for that. She went for 180.00 and went to a home. That was good. I am sure she was a Welsh Pony. Prices generally were up quite a bit. Good if your selling, bad if you are buying.

This was Rusty's day off. I hope she enjoyed it. Tomorrow she will get a big workout. I think we both needed to be apart today.

I can rise and shine, just not at the same time.


  1. You are very lucky to have such lovely daughters-in-law.

  2. I think we all have days where we can do one but not the other!! Hurrah for wonderful DILs. Mine is Hungarian and a love.