Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thinking Thursday and the letter D

D is for DITTO
She is my 29 year old paint mare. I showed her halter, western, English and driving. She did not like driving and I did not like English but we won High Point Paint Horse in Washington State Horsemen a couple of times. She is my best horse friend and knows more of my secrets than anyone else. Love her best of all.
Rusty had the day off. I had lunch with a friend today and then had a meeting this evening so she got to rest. But, its back at it tomorrow. Hope their prediction of rain does not come to pass.
Today I was thinking (I know that's an effort) about all our horses and how much I love them. I don't handle them all every day but I talk to them all every day. I hate that where they are is so muddy and icky but don't want to turn them out where there will be grass. I can not imagine life without them. Rosie is going to do some driving this spring and she will love that. Its what she was born to do. She prefers that to anything else. My mother died thinking I would get over horse craziness but it has not happened.
May your Friday be filled with Love.

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  1. Ditto is beautiful, and looks wonderful for a horse her age!