Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking Thursday and K is for Katie

is for KATIE on Abby her mustang mare from the Sheepshead Herd Management Area in Oregon. Katie loves her and Abby loves her a lot. They have many many miles ahead of them. She will do very well with horses and has accomplished alot with Abby. She is a very pretty rider and if she had money and time would accomplish alot in the show ring. She is just trail riding her and doing very well. I have been thinking alot and I think I am going to turn Liberty (who will be my L picture tomorrow) over to Katie to train if she wants to. I will tell you Liberty's story tomorrow. I will need to ask Katie is she wants to or not. Guess I am if she reads this.
Today was the day I was supposed to be thinking. I did, and that can be dangerous. LOL. I was thinking about going to Oregon next week and finding a new friend. I think I will know her when I see her. Nikki wants a horse but is not in a position right now but she said something to me to that affect. I will know her when I see her. Guess I said that huh?
I did not work with Rusty alot. She was a poop in the round pen. I put the surcingle on her and she set off bucking. She has done that before. We worked some, I left it on her and tied her to the hitch rail. Bob worked with her for a couple of our despooking. She got better. At first he stepped up on a stool and she wigged out and when she got over that he shrugged his shoulders and she wigged out. He worked on it a while and then went to clean out her and Cody's pen with the tractor. She really did not mind that. When it started to rain hard, I put her away and he parked the tractor came in and took a nap. Oh well, I did too. When he came in I was wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. I got cold outside.
My sweet cousin who along with her longtime partner RV full time and are spending the winter in Florida had bypass surgery this morning. I sent her an e mail message hoping the Phil would read it and give it to her when she was able to hear him. It would be awful to be so far away from family to have something so serious. She has children but they are not a close knit family. I wish I was where I could go see her. She is in Coral something other near Orlando. Keep her in your prayers please. Her name is Joy.
Life is short, eat dessert first. and have a good day.


  1. ha ha.. well I SUPPOSE..... i could start doing something with that horse...... well considering she cant stand bob and she thinks he is going to completely rip her head off and she isnt too fond of you... and your getting a new horse.. and you have Rusty... i guess im stuck with her! lol i dont mind! she is beautiful and smart! just warning you... she might turn out like abby tho.. lol absolutly loving me!! lol oh gosh.. now im gonna have two shadows! one black and one brown... lol

  2. LOL. "Life is short, eat dessert first."
    I like that one, never heard before.

  3. Lea I'll be praying for your cousin - I'm so glad she has a long time friend with her. blessings, marlene