Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thankful Tuesday - A & B

My sister suggested another picture challenge. Through February starting with a. The last two days would be ch and sh. Soooooooooooooooooo
A is for horse treat APPLES.
They are not edible for humans, I don't think but the horses really love them. Katie brought them out. It is what Rusty will do most anything for.
We use them for a lot of things especially in the training of the horses. Also carry water when we are camping where there is none.
I did not sleep much last night, felt really crappy. I got up at 3 and was still up when Bob got up at 5. I took some Tylenol and went back to bed. I did go back to sleep and woke up at 10. I felt so much better but kind of like I was drug thru a hole. I have not done much today. I did have to take Bob his glasses because he forgot them.
I did not work Rusty so much today. Just was not up to it but I did catch her, brush her mane and fore top out and gave her an apple. She does not let me walk up to her without trying to leave but its getting better. I must get back at it tomorrow. I used Cowboy Magic on her mane and it is beautiful. It is so soft and lovely. CM is pretty spendy but it only took about 1/4 of a tube to do the trick. I will work on Amelia's next. She has a pretty long mane but not like Rusty.
Thankful Tuesday - I am thankful for Andrea's family good news today. They had told them that Amy's cancer has spread to the bone. Its not the cancer, the battery of tests they did show it to be arthritis. Thank you Lord. I know that is a huge load off of their shoulders.

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  1. Thank you Lea, I know you've been praying for her. So wonderful to get that news today.

    I bet Rusty's mane looks gorgeous now! You'll have to share a picture with us.