Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday is brought to you by L

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I don't know the Herd Management Liberty is from but I believe she was from California somewhere. She is a large mare, about 15h3". She has the kindest sweetest eyes. The man next door came over one day 7 years ago and asked me if I would help him pick out a mustang on an Internet auction. The horses were seen on a screen at the BLM office here in Spokane. I had been looking at the catalog and talked with him and we picked out 6 horses, Liberty was about 3rd on our list. He bought her, went to Palomino Valley in Nevada and picked her up. I told him specifically not to take the halter off and to leave her in the round pen until he could handle her. He did that about 6weeks, said he felt sorry for her got a hand on her, took off the halter and let her out into 10 acres. Never again to touch her. She would come for grain but not allow herself to be touched. Fast forward to 3 years ago. He moved to Wyoming and left her here. I think he knew Bob would not let her starve. We finally got a rope on her and her into a small area where we got a halter on her and "led" her to our place of Pepper. We worked at gentling her. When Tyler lived with us, he had her ready for her first ride but he was afraid to swing the leg over. She will be caught by me of Katie unless Tyler is visiting and she will walk up to him. She is now 10. Katie is going to really work on her this spring and see if we can get her rideable before summer. The only time Bill has acknowledged her is when Bob asked him for some hay money last winter and he sent $100.00. He wants to sell her but when you can not sell well broken horses, no one wants one that is not broken.
I worked Rusty some today but then it started to rain. I tie her to the side of the trailer for an hour or so. Then I opened the rear door and led her around it. She came up to it but I did not ask any more of her today. The rain was so heavy I just turned her out. Bob will work her tomorrow. At least that is what I told him.
A friend of mine has a gorgeous Arabian show horse. She rode him Saddle Seat and had won just about everything with him. Everyone loved Burrsy (nickname). He died day before yesterday. He had been under the weather for a few days but I did not realize it was terminal. My heart goes out to his human family. It was very difficult. Everyone will miss him.
Live-love-laugh and be happy.


  1. It is so hard to see the good ones go. My sympathy to his family. Hope Katie will take Liberty on and create another Partner.

  2. Liberty looks like she might have a tad of a "Tude: :)