Saturday, February 6, 2010


F is for
We worked at cleaning up the back yard today. Tom could not do anything with the car so he and his boys helped with the cleanup. Not done for sure but at least a good start. Usually snow has it covered until the first part of March but not this year. So we got a good start on it today and had a good FIRE.
Rusty got a triple decker today.
Three times she got worked. It was good for her. I got the surcingle on her and got it tightened up pretty good. That did not seem to bother her much. I got her to give me both or her front feet (one at a time LOL). I left the surcingle on her and came back later. She was calmer that time. When she readily gave me her front feet, Bob came in and he actually could trim her front feet. They were needy. She was in a rocky pen and she kept them trimmed down but this winter in the mud and she had long toes. They are very pretty today. I was so proud of her. Later this afternoon Bob put a rope through a loop on the surcingle attached to her halter and drove her with one rein. On her good side it worked good, no so much on the other but he quit on a good place and he will try tomorrow again. I am so proud of her. I hope to have a saddle on her by the weekend. We left her in the round pen for the night because I want her to wear that surcingle. I will take it off tomorrow.
Bob did Dittos feet today too. She is so easy to do. She just holds her old foot up for him to do. She has such soft white feet its urgent to keep up with her trimming. Bob's back will only do 2 a day. Maybe tomorrow he will get to a couple more.
Bob also has the pen ready if I get a horse in Burns. I am counting on it, dreaming about her and can even see her.
Am going to go soak my back. It says it got a work out today.
A blessed Sunday to you all.

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  1. You worked hard today Lea - I sometimes wonder if the work ever is done. I never seem to get finished! blessings, marlene