Sunday, February 28, 2010

A sunny Sunday

It was a foggy morning on the West Plains.
We stopped at a car lot that Katie and Cameron wanted us to stop by. He was buying a truck and we know the salesman. Hope it helped them get a better price. This sculpture is at the edge of the parking lot. I thought it was really cute. Reminds me of me as a kid. Would read anything I could get my hands on. Ketchup labels, cereal boxes whatever I could find. I had an aunt who bought me books.

Yesterday Bob got me a new rug for the living room. Just an area rug. We have hardwood floors and since we put them in I had not had a real rug. I love it. It is more green than it shows in the picture. I think its 6 x 8.

I don't know what Amelia was doing with her head. Turning to look at me I guess. She needed some private attention. We groomed, brushed, curries and got tons of hair. Shedding is a messy time of the year.

This is just some of the hair we curried out. And still could get that much more if our arms had not worn out.

And who says Rusty has the only pretty mane. When the brush and Cowboy Magic got done it was stunning. She seems to be quite proud of it.

Bob and I getting Sages pen all ready for her. Now if it will just dry out I will be happy. Rusty and Cody think we are mad at them because we moved their feeder and I moved the donkeys next door to a small pasture. They were so funny but I have no pictures. Chemmy leads the best so I put the halter on him and led him and let Yuma follow. He did just a few steps behind. It was pretty cute. Across our place, through the gate across the place next year and into that pasture. It sure made it easier. Bob got it all done and now just to wait for Sage to come. May be this is the week. Hope is the word of the day.


  1. It is finally going to hit the high forties and low fifties this week. Finally. I have two that need shedding blades and they all need manes and tails done. This has been truly the "winter of neglect"!!! I cannot tolerate cold temps for very long so I just do some fast currying sometimes and leave the rest til spring. Is Amelia that chunky or is it the photo? Bet she shines up nice, too. Love the mane. (love looking at it, hate trying to keep it nice!!)

  2. I love that sculpture, too. It looks like it might also be the mailbox for that car dealership. And, of course, I just love looking at the pics of your horses! I'm excited for you getting Sage ... I hope she will be an easy one to train for you! Hugs!!!

  3. Wow--lots of hair. Good sign.

    I sure wish it would dry out, too. I'm sick of muddy horses. This has been the year of MUD, but I'm not complaining.

  4. Amelia is beautiful! I love her mane!

  5. Just saw all that hair and my nose started itching and my back! Shedding is always messy!