Saturday, February 13, 2010

M Day - Saturday

Maggie is sweet blend of beagle and yellow lab (we think). She is devoted to Bob and loves me too. She loves our barn kitties but they don't know all she wants to do is kiss them. She did not belong on our bed, but she had to be there to see out of the window. She keeps track of everything on our place. We love her. She is about 10 and is beginning to feel her age a little I think. A few months ago she got bumped by a car out on the road and now she gets a little limpy occasionally and this week has been one of those days.
We had a wonderful day with Rusty. When she started out she had her head in the air and was all buggy eyed but we worked a little while. I took her thru the barn and around the yard and then tied her to the side of the horse trailer while Katie worked with Liberty. Later I took her to the round pen and turned her loose. Bob later went and caught her and took her to the trailer. She set her jaw and was not going to get it. He is so patient though. He tied her back to the side of the trailer while he did some things. I went and tried again with the trailer. She wanted to step up but just couldn't at that moment. Bob walked back over there and I told him at this point we need to keep at it until she steps up. She has refused enough time. It was like she understood, took a big sigh and leaped in. She just stood there and looked at me like I did it mom. I petted and praised her. Then I handed the rope to Bob because it takes my knees longer than hers to get out of the trailer. He asked her to turn around and step out and she did. Then he took her for a little walk and went back toward the trailer, she did not hesitate a minute and just stepped right up. We gave her, her favorite treat - an apple and turned her out into the pasture. We will try again tomorrow. I am glad Bob is going to be home.
I got so disgusted at Walmart today. I went after a pair of sweat pants. Just plain old sweat pants. Good grief the did not have any. They are a winter object. Tomorrow when we are in town I will go somewhere else and get a pair of sweat pants. I only have one decent pair. They are comfortable for me to ride a long distance in. Also will need to go to the used book store tomorrow and stock up again.
Have a peaceful Sunday.
I can rise and shine, just not at the same time.


  1. Good morning, Lea... I often visit your blog for the horses, the travel and the other "heros"... I'll be back...