Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brought to you by C

C is for Cow
She is ours but is living next door.
So now to Rusty. The first time this morning she was a little silly. I did finally get the surcingle on her but I kept with her and got it on. I did not fasten it though. Then this afternoon I was able to catch her without much problem. I had left her in the round pen. I worked her on the rope for a while and then I put the saddle pad on her. Then the surcingle. She stood really well and I was able to fasten it. My only problem was that saddle pad moves around. It just slid around. I won't use it tomorrow or I will get a different one. I did get it to stay on and I worked her on the rope with it on. The only problem was I went to straighten it out and it got folded out so she could see it and she did not like that thing sticking out. We will have to work on that issue. I took it off and we will work again tomorrow. We walked into the barn and she got her apple. I am so proud of her.
I hope your Thursday is fine and dandy.

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