Saturday, February 27, 2010


I think this will mostly be the end of my pictures. So many are alike. Nikki wanted to get a good picture she took several of each. Some of them are all good. I may find a few more that are not duplicates but I don't want to keep posting the same pictures over and over.
This is not Sage either, just the horses standing around looking at the people looking at them.
This stud horse was in a pen of unavailable horses that had not been processed completely. They needed to be gelded and whatever else they have to do. This guy was telling us to go away, it was his little hill.

Isn't that a pretty face. Looks like Beautiful doesn't it Linda? A very nice yearling.

This was a giggle for us. Someone got ticked off skiing. This was at Government Camp on Mt. Hood. We sure got a kick out of it when we looked up and saw the boots hanging.
Bob and I went to Davenport to the tack and horse auction. Prices were up some on horses. The lowest prices were a group of unbroken Thoroughbred horses that were thin. One 20 year old Paint stallion went for 75.00. That was the cheapest. I think 4 or 5 went over 1500.00 Including a saddle mule.
We got got some tack stuff that was inexpensive like a couple of 30' rope lunge lines that we will use as ground driving. They were 6.00 a piece. Even if the snaps break and they will we will put those thingys Andrea makes on them.
When we got home we doctored Rusty's leg. She cut it having a tantrum yesterday. Bob put a cotton rope around it and lifted it and she let him work on it. I was proud of her. We put her in the trailer and Bob put her in the front stall of the trailer facing the way she will be when we haul her anywhere and shut the divider. She didn't like it when he did it but she stood good. She still does not lead well for me but will for Bob. Bob fixed the rattle jugs so we can work on them with her tomorrow.
Maybe this is the week Sage will come. I am hoping.

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  1. I think you added like 10 books to your list since you were in OR. ! I hope Sage comes soon for you!