Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday - Some thoughtful, some just stuff

Cheem Lasso
"Crooked Rope"
AKA Chemmy
He is really sweet. Today I put him in with Fast Eddie and Eddie did not like him too well at first. He is so fat he could not kick with both hind feet. It was kind of funny actually. But by the time they got fed they would eat together. Tomorrow Yuma goes in with them. Now isn't that going to be a kick.
He was a little sad today not understanding where he person was. The old guy had had him five years. I think he is nine. I love him.
Today my thoughts are of my sister who has decided not to see doctors anymore. I know she has not been treated well by them but I am so worried about her. She is so far away and I want to be with her. Or at least see her more often than I am able to now. Tears come easily thinking about her.
Today I was sad to see my boys leave. We had such fun and they were such help. We paid them but not near enough. I thought about the job opportunities that may be open to them.
Today I heard of another friend who lost her grandmother this week. Besides Andrea. I remember mine so clearly. As a kid I remember crawling into her feather bed with her. She lived with us from the time I was 11 months old so I never knew my Grandpa.
I thought today about summer and how quickly it went by. I hope winter goes as quickly.
So thats the way my thoughts have gone today. Tomorrow we leave for Puyallup to attend our brother in laws memorial service on Saturday. I will either post Sunday evening or Monday depending when we get home on Sunday.


  1. Oh Lea.. DO NOT be worried about me not seeing doctors.. This is a GOOD thing. Think back the last 3 years and see what they've done to me. I feel good today!

  2. Summer it seemed did go by fast didn't it, but they say we are suppose to have a mild winter this year...time will tell I guess.

  3. What sweet pictures of Cheem Lasso! I would love him, too! Have a safe trip.