Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Smiles

Who could resist smiling back at that big grin. This is Skyelor, out 13 year old grandson. He rarely smiles and I considered this picture a grand slam. I grin back at him every time I look at this picture.

We took Henry back today to be with his mama. She heard him holler for her before he even got out of the trailer and she came on the run. He is certainly old enough to be weaned but he did not think so. I did not plan on going with Bob but he wanted me to so the apples will have to wait for another day. Bob brought me in another bucket full. Apples coming out my ears.

Ditto has got into the hang of coming in when I call her as she has done for several years now. Amelia said, no you are not catching got a can with some grain and she came to a screeching halt and came to me at a trot. I had to laugh at her. She will get it. She was funny.

I went grocery shopping this evening earlier. I hate it but its necessary. Not a good evening to go shopping though. All the crazies of the area were there too.


  1. Funny, Lea--about the crazies of our area. I have to shop with them sometimes, too--where do they all come from??

  2. I don't know Linda but they were out in force last night.