Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My blgs recently have had little or nothing to do with our mustangs. I find myself whining and complaining. Today I kicked myself in the posterior and told me to shut up. Even though grey days really affect me. Andrea and I need help. If you read her blog today - Mustang Saga - you will understand.

This picture is our beautiful Wrangler surveying things. He, Amelia who is right beside him being him, Ditto and Pepper are in this field. He does not go in at night and he and Amelia talk off and on all night. He is such a pretty big boy. l decided to do portraits of the barn horses before I put them out. Ditto is the last out and she was irritated with me. She is my sweet old friend. At 28 she has lots of energy especially when its time to eat.

Somehow I got two pictures of Amelia and I am not sure how to get one of them off. So please pretend there is only one. I am not too computer savy as you all can figure out. I usually call Nikki and ask her to do it for me. Don't feel like it tonight. So you get duplicate pictures. She wanted out, right now. Her friend Wrangler was calling her, couldn't I hear it. She is fat and sassy. Quite a change from last summer when we brought her home and she was skinny and uninterested in anything.

And then of course there is Pepper. He's the one who stranded me on his back bareback. Bob is still laughing at me. He is such a great horse, everyone loves him. His eyes are a little worse but he still sees well.
So here I am, and snow is predicted for tomorrow but not sticking. Hope not. It was a beautiful day today but quite chilly. I got the stalls done. That always makes me feel good.
Had my flu shot today so am all set. Had to call around. Several places had run out so I went into Safeway in Cheney where I have gotten it for the past few years. I am getting several different opinions on the pneumonia vaccine. I had one about 3 years ago and the nurse said I should not need another but some have told me I need one every 2 or 3 years. I had the pneumonia in the next few months after I had been hospitalized with it.
Please keep praying for out grandaughter.


  1. My sister wanted me to reassure you about your granddaughter. She said it's extremely rare for someone that young to get breast cancer unless it's inflammatory breast cancer and in that case there wouldn't be a lump. It would be more likely to be a benign fibrous adenoma. I remember Amy had one removed when she was 19. It scared her real bad but turned out to be nothing serious (and not related to the breast cancer she has now).

    See you tonight!

  2. Hey! It's okay to get down in the dumps once in awhile. We all love you, we've all been there and we will all keep reading as you ride the roller coaster of life!

  3. HI LEA! I miss Pepper sooo much! Have a great day! -Kassidy Bane