Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday - An adventure

No pictures, it was too dark. This afternoon about 3:30 we received a telephone call that our cows were out. All 9 cow calf pairs and and extra cow besides our neighbors 2 cow calf pairs. The cattle were on 100 acres up near Old Town just outside of Newport in Idaho. Now would you not think 100 acres and they would be satisfied? Well guess not because the knocked a gate over and went meadering up the hiway to Priest Lake. Someone chased them off the road. We hitched up the trailer and at the last minute I ran and got Pepper, tacked him up except his bridle and loaded him

We got up there in daylight, Pepper and I went in search of the wandering cows . We found them eating comfortable in someones front well manicured front yard. I got them headed toward where they were supposed to be. Pepper thinks chasing cows is just too much fun but he didn't much like the deer bounding out in front of us. We got the cows back in their pasture. Bob and John started putting up the panels to make a holding area.

Mind you all this time it is raining pretty hard and I am sure I looked like a drown rat. I was headed down this long driveway to another gate so I could go in and close gates so they could not head out for who knows where again. The lady who shares their long - probably a mile long driveway came down the driveway and I was getting off as far as I could go. She stopped rolled down her window and told me I should not be riding a black horse at night, she could hardly see me. I thanked her, got thru the gate and had a laughing fit. Its nearly dark, pouring down rain, the rain in dripping off my helmet and she thinks I am out riding for fun. Come on now. Doesn't every one do things like that.

I got the gates all closed and went back to where the panels were set up and we went in search of the little herd. They were in a copse of trees. Now they all know Pepper and did not think they had to move. Much yelling and whooping and they went out. Have you ever tried to ride thru trees when you could not see the limbs. They don't feel well when they smack you. I was glad I had a helmet on. It took the brunt.s

The rest of the story is just mediocre. They went in the little pen, we got half into our trailer and half into Johns and they are all in their little winter pasture here. John thinks I am wonder woman and the guy whose place they were supposed to be at told me I was one tough broad. I guess that was a compliment. Pepper was wonderful. I know he had never been ridden like that in the dark and he did everything I asked. He got an extra scoop of grain tonight.


  1. That does sound like an adventure! Glad everything went smoothly.

  2. PEPPER IS A WONDERHORSE! You shoulda said to the lady, well you should try this.. at night in the rain...its so much fun~

  3. Definitely sounds like an adventure!! Life is never boring is it?? :)

  4. Wow--you are wonder woman! Good for Pepper, too.