Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wish I had my longer lens. These were geese. Floating along the river enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine. They looked so pretty and relaxed along a pretty section of the river.

Bob went hunting but didn't get anything. I think he really enjoys being out there but he likes venison. I don't. I would rather he waited until elk season and hunted them. I like elk meat. He will hunt that too. He lives for this season of the year. I would rather have him home but won't argue about it. He does very little just for him.

The horses were not so anxious to come in this evening. It had been sunny and they enjoyed it. Wrangler was at the gate but he doesn't come in. Had to go call the other 3. Then they came and went into the barn. Both Amelia and Pepper had to be reminded to go to their stalls and not stop and eat grass along the way. Ditto never has to be reminded. I did not clean stalls today. I will strip them tomorrow.

Rusty is very funny when its feeding time. She starts pawing from the minute I go out until the minute she gets her hay. I ask her if she is counting. Wham wham wham. She is a funny mare. But so beautiful.

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