Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday.

I was thinking today about how beautiful Rusty is. Isn't that mane something and I have not even brushed it for a long time. She is proud of it.
I accidently loaded two of the same pictures and I can't remember how to delete one of them. Anyway I thought this reminded me of the Micheal W. Smith song of the 80's Friends are friends forever. They really are friends. Yuma too but he did not want his picture taken today.

And this is my thoughtful picture of Fast Eddie. I put him on Craigslist today for $200 obo. He must go to a good home though.
I have been thinking of alot of things today. Why do grown up kids worry you more than when they lived at home?
Thinking of how much I love our animal friends.


  1. Cute pics, Lea. Love the donks! Wish I had room. Rusty is indeed beautiful. Has she been ridden yet?

    I hear you about worrying about your adult kids more than when they were at home. I really enjoyed my babies, all five of them, but silly me thought that the hard work would be done when they were 18-21 -- NOT! They sure do seem to need you more as life goes on.

  2. Once they move out, we lose control if we ever had any. They are on their own and must make their own choices. Even if we've done the best job of parenting in the world, they can still stub their toe and/or break their neck. So ... we worry! Isn't that our job?