Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Jadeyn Justine

Our beautiful Jade turned 12 today. She is a very social butterfly and going through the normal things a 6th. grade girl turning 12 goes thru. Her mother and sister took a balloon bouquet to her during her lunch time. She loved her. Her dad came and had cake and ice cream and brought her a beautiful coat for her birthday. He has not always been present for her and it meant alot to have him there this evening.
We put Henry back in the chute this afternoon to check his surgical procedure site considering the mess he was when we started. Actually, he is doing great. He got another cambiotic shot, actually 2 of them and a tetanus toxoid shot and an anti tetanus toxoid shot. He was really mad when we were trying to get him in the chute. He put his head down and got me right in the solar pl exes. I am a little sore but he was just scared. I would not have wanted to go back in there if I had had to have all that surgery done. It had to hurt. Saturday, he will get transported back to his mother. Our ears will be glad of that. He has not stopped bawling for his mom. I think his throat should be sore by now.
I felt terrific today. That is a first in over a month. I cleaned stalls. I played with Pepper and Rosie for a while. I put the hay and grain in the stalls so when the horses came in it was ready. I got the hay in the wheelbarrow for the two penned up horse and the donkeys. Bob fed them and I put the three horses in just before we left for Jades party. It felt so so so good to be outside and doing things. Hurrah.
My thinking day - I was thinking about the night Jade was born. What a pretty baby she was.
I was thinking about this past month and how nasty I have felt and so thankful that today was good. I thought about all the apples on the tree that need picked and processed. I was thinking about all the acorn squash and how I was going to keep them good until we eat them. I have enough Hubbard squash in the freezer to feed an army. I was thinking how good it was about all the things I have put in the freezer when I cooked too much that we have used this month when I was just not up to it. And most of all I thought how good it was to be outside.

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  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.