Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thankful Tuesday and some things gross

No pictures today. I left my camera in my vest pocket during our adventure today.

Starting yesterday, I had decided not to get up this week until this stuff in my head went away. Laugh Laugh Laugh joke joke joke. Bob called in the morning and told me he would need me to go to Walmart and get some batteries for the flashlights. AND one of our young critters up on pasture needed doctoring. He (Bob) had to work late and then we would go and our neighbor Shannon would go with us.

We went and the cows and their youngsters thought we were boogymen and could not get close nor get them to go to where we wanted. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this morning, Shannon and I took our horses, well I have a horse, she rides a mule, we went to get them all gathered. It did not take us long to get them thru the gate and into where we wanted them. We had put panels up last night so we just had to run them into there.

The one we needed got right in the trailer, Shannon shut the gate and then all we had to do was hook it back up. That went well and it was down the road toward home.

Now the gross part. The reason we needed to go get Henry was when they banded him to make a steer out of him they did not get it on correctly and his scrotum fell off and one testicle but the other was hanging there. We had to get him into the medicating chute and Shannon who is a vet tech finished castrating him. It was ugly and really gross. The surgery got done and he seems OK. I had to help her and I didn't like it too much. I have to go get tetanus shots for him. He got penicillin today.

And I am thankful, that it is over. And I am thankful that the two cowgirls were successful. Bob was shocked that we could do it by ourselves. Yea Shannon, Yea Me.


  1. Way to go getting it done! I'd be proud too. It actually sounds kind of fun, other than the failed castration and re-castration part.

  2. Oh I would have loved to see pictures of you two cow girls rounding them up!

  3. Meant to say how much I love your Saturday Smile picture! What a great haunted house!

  4. Well I guess you can check those things off your list of things to do...ISH!