Monday, October 26, 2009


I took this picture yesterday. It poured down rain today so nothing would have been out in the field unless it was a duck. They looked so peaceful. There are 5 there. The one on the far left is a big buck. I think they can read the no hunting signs.

An awful weather day but not as awful as it is going to be. We had over an inch of rain today. And it is supposed to snow tonight. The snow level is 2,000" and we are at about 2,500'. I am not, I repeat NOT looking foreward to it at all. They are predicting a wet and pretty much snowless winter and that would be good after the last two years. I did have to shut the overhead barn door because it was blowing rain halfway down the aisle. The barn horses did not get out today.

We have got to figure out what to do with the donkeys. They have no shelter. And Bob is going elk hunting this weekend. I will figure something out. They looked pathetic when I fed them this evening. It did not quiet their voices though. They talk to me when I go out to feed until I get there with their hay.

I will get my flu shot tomorrow now that I am well. They think the older generation doesn't need the H1N1 shot. I hope they are right.

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  1. You don't need the H1N1 shot but get the other and stay home if you get sick!